osu! Full Remake
osu! Full Remake

Welcome to OSU!

本游戏搬运自官网 SpiritSK 的 osu! Full Remake。以下是原介绍:


  • • Highly accurate to the original game

  • • Beatmap import from the actual osu! game (instructions below)

  • • Mods \

I do not own osu! nor am I affiliated with osu!. osu! was made by Dean Herbert, aka Peppy. This project is simply a remake of the original game!


Q: Why are my scores not saving?

A: Only the 4 top scores are saved in the global leaderboards. You also need to be a Scratcher to use cloud variables. To check if you are a Scratcher, go to your profile and look beside your profile picture.

Q: How do I pause the game?

A: You cannot pause the game. However, you can quit an ongoing game by double-clicking P.

Q: Why is it so laggy?

A: You can turn off special effects in the Options. If you want maximum performance, please use TurboWarp.

Q: Why does the cursor lag behind?

A: It is because of the latency in Scratch/browsers. You could disable the 'Scratch cursor' in the Options and use your own device's cursor. However, since default cursors are usually too small, you can download a custom cursor that looks like osu! cursor.

Q: The audio sometimes glitch out.

A: Please read below for information.


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